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The effectiveness of UVC disinfection has been proven in the lab (tested on surfaces in S3 lab). The SteriWhite Air Q115 closed system purifies 115 m³ of room air per hour and renders harmful viruses, bacteria and moulds inactive. Hönle UVC lamps inactivate up to 99.99% of present SARS-CoV-2 viruses in seconds.

The disinfection device generates as much noise as a very quiet electric fan at low speed (from 1 m away). The SteriWhite Air Q115 generates background noise of <39 db.

With a service life of 16,000 hours, the built-in UVC lamps are extremely long lasting and must only be replaced (for normal, smooth operation) approx. every two years. The disinfection devices are also perfect for long-term use thanks to their sturdy steel housing.

The SteriWhite Air Q115 is ready to use immediately following delivery. Simply plug in the device and start it with the press of a button. Thanks to the plug & play feature and a service life of 16,000 hours, the SteriWhite Air Q115 is a trusty companion for air purification.

The SteriWhite Air M can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, depending on your needs. Once plugged in, the UVC air purifier is immediately ready to use.

The SteriWhite Air Q115 disinfects a room volume of up to 115 m³ per hour.

Example: You have a room with a volume of 150 m³ (length x width x height). For reliable disinfection, you will need two disinfection devices. The disinfection devices are also suitable for rooms smaller than 100 m³. The SteriWhite Air Q115 with base comes with a 3 m-long power cable, meaning it can be placed and moved around the room flexibly. 

Depending on the power of the disinfection device, UVC air disinfection can inactivate the DNA of bacteria, viruses and moulds to render them harmless in the air. As the SteriWhite Air Q115 is a closed system, however, only the air is purified. To avoid infection, you should still follow social distancing rules, wear a face mask, disinfect surfaces and comply with all the latest coronavirus-related measures.

The SteriWhite Air Q115 and other UVC air disinfection devices from Hönle do not contain any HEPA filters. The disinfection devices work without a filter system. The ambient air is sucked in and passed over two UVC lamps inside the steel housing. There is no need for the regular, costly exchange of filters. Products from the SteriWhite Air series are particularly low maintenance, reliable and quiet.

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The Hönle group has been manufacturing UV systems since 1976 and is one of Germany’s publicly traded providers for industrial UV technology.

In 2020, the company acquired Austria-based Sterilsystems GmbH, a company with more than 30 years of experience in UVC disinfection, extensive know-how and specialist expertise in this area.

Hönle products are a result of German workmanship – from design engineering through to fabrication. We rely on our qualified staff and work to the highest quality standards to supply our customers with high-end products. Our products are used in the printing, automotive, aviation and pharmaceutical industries, among many others, and are trusted by customers across the globe.


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