Hönle SteriWhite Air Q115 | Q330 | Q600 | Q900
for UVC disinfection


Following the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 pathogens, disinfection and sterilization have become issues that affect all public and private areas. SteriWhite Air Q from Hönle provides solid support by sterilizing your environment – and you don’t have to vacate the area for it to do so. Thanks to its elegant design and quiet operation, SteriWhite Air Q can be integrated discretely and effectively into your living or workspace. The Hönle UV lamps work efficiently to inactivate 99,99% of viruses, bacteria, moulds and yeasts on surfaces, as proven by Goethe University in Frankfurt in 2020. The UVC air disinfection units can be used in many different areas: offices and meeting rooms, law offices, medical practices and waiting areas, health care facilities and retirement homes, nurseries and kindergartens, schools and educational institutions as well as hotels, bars and restaurants.

SteriWhite Air Q115

Disinfection volume per hour

<39 db(A)
Volume during operation

16000 h
Operating hours of the UVC lamp

Hönle air purification concept

Which and how many SteriWhiteAir Q units you need for your rooms depends on various factors.
The following table gives you an initial overview.
We would be happy to support you personally in determining your specific requirements – please contact us.

Example room Meeting-
2 persons office Waiting room
Doctors' surgery
4 persons office Classroom Restaurant
Room size [m²] 25 m² 25 m² 25 m² 45 m² 70 m² 100 m²
Room volume [m³] 63 m³ 63 m³ 63 m³ 113 m³ 175 m³ 250 m³
Number of people [#] 6 2 3 4 25 35
Duration of stay [h] 2 h 7 h 1 h 7 h 2 h 2 h
Product selection 1x Q115 1x Q330 1x Q115 1x Q330 1x Q115 1x Q330 1x Q330 1x Q600 1x Q600 2x Q600 1x Q900 1x Q900
1x Q600
Reduction of the risk of infection by
air purifier[%]
> 70 % > 80 % > 70 % > 80 % > 70 % > 80 % > 70 % > 80 % > 70 % > 80 % > 70 % > 80 %
Reduction of the risk of infection by
air purifier + 1x airing/hour [%]
> 80 % > 90 % > 80 % > 90 % > 80 % > 90 % > 80 % > 90 % > 80 % > 90 % > 80 % > 90 %

Based on "COVID 19 Aerosol Transmission Risk Calculator" of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry: https://www.mpic.de/4747361/risk-calculator
Assumptions: Room height= 2.5m; sedentary occupation of persons; persons do not wear masks; proportion of speech 20%; calculation example 4-person office: risk of infection that at least one other participant will become infected if one person is highly infectious; without air purifier 50%, with air purifier Q600 6.6%, results in a reduction of the risk of infection by >80%.

Technical data

Type Q115 Q330 Q600 Q900
Air flow rate*
ca. 115 ca. 330 ca. 600 ca. 900
in mm
600 x 600 x 100 860 x 860 x 210 860 x 860 x 315 860 x 860 x 315
Power consumption
in watts
ca. 60 ca. 200 ca. 300 ca. 450

Emission sound pressure level LpA
in dB(A) in 1 meter distance at
maximum flow rate

Super Silent Mode***

≤ 35 ≤ 35 ≤ 36

≤ 43 at 900 m³/h

≤ 40 at 750 m³/h

Weight in kg ca. 15 ca. 38 ca. 44 ca. 46

*with standard room air: 20°C, 50 % humidity
** housing size without base stand or wall bracket; dimensions and weight vary according to unit version
*** air flow rate and volume level can be controlled in two stages at the touch of a button

How UVC disinfection works in a closed system

Learn on the example of SteriWhite Air Q115 how our UVC disinfection technology can successfully make your ambient room air safer, while you are in the room – without chemical pollution or ozone formation.


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SteriWhite Air Q

For immediate use: SteriWhite Air Q

  • Plug & play
  • With floor stand or for mounting to wall or ceiling
  • Maintenance-free: lamp exchange only after approx. 16,000 operating hours
  • No ozone formation
  • Chemical-free
  • Housing designed according to highest safety standards; protects reliably against UVC radiation
  • Completely harmless for humans and animals
  • Very low noise emission during operation
  • Modern, elegant design
  • Cable with cold device plug included
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The Hönle Group has been manufacturing UV systems since 1976 and is one of Germany’s publicly traded providers for industrial UV technology. In 2020, the company acquired Austria-based Sterilsystems GmbH, a company with more than 30 years of experience in UVC disinfection, extensive know-how and specialist expertise in this area. Hönle products are a result of German workmanship – from design engineering through to fabrication. We rely on our qualified staff and work to the highest quality standards to supply our customers with high-end products. Our products are used in the printing, automotive, aviation and pharmaceutical industries, among many others, and are trusted by customers across the globe.


The ULE 2000 is suitable for continuous use in areas and rooms with constant occupancy. With a throughput volume up to 600 m³ per hour the UVC device can be used to provide permanent room disinfection. Made of robust and high-quality stainless steel (suitable for HACCP concepts), the ULE 2000 is perfect for overhead installation and can be used in difficult environmental conditions or high contamination levels, for example in the meat processing industry, commercial kitchens, production rooms, warehouses, gyms or changing rooms.
Use ULE 2000 to inactivate harmful moulds, viruses, bacteria and yeast in the air to protect yourself and others against infections through aerosols.
Further units also for retrofitting existing ventilation technology can be found at


SteriwWhite Air M


SARS-CoV-2 viruses are mainly transmitted via aerosols released into the air when you breathe. UVC air disinfection can be used to reduce the germ load in the immediate environment. The chemical-free UVC disinfection process is already used to a high degree of success in the production and healthcare sectors. The new SteriWhite Air Q is a highly efficient UV system for sterilizing room air. By irradiating the aerosols with UVC at 254 nm-wavelength, viruses (including coronaviruses), mould and bacteria in the air are inactivated and rendered harmless. What’s more, SteriWhite Air Q is a closed system which means there’s no need to vacate the room while disinfection is taking place.
A disinfection rate of 99.99% for SARS-CoV-2 was achieved on surfaces in the lab. Disinfection devices from Hönle were also proven to be effective against corona, making them suitable supplements to your other hygiene measures (in line with the current applicable regulations).

SteriWhiteAir Luftreiniger für Innenräum

Disinfection in commonly-used areas

Thanks to their elegant design, Hönle UVC air disinfection systems are perfect for inconspicuous operation in enclosed, commonly-used areas. Use the disinfection devices to supplement other hygiene measures in many different places: hospitality, education facilities, medical practices and offices.










Equipped with high-performance UVC technology, the design of the SteriWhite Air Q remains elegant and unobtrusive. Due to its quiet noise level during operation it is even perfectly used in training classrooms. SteriWhite Air Q is available as a stand-alone unit as well as for ceiling or wall mounting.
With an air flow rate of 115 m³ up to 900 m³/h, depending on the device version, (for normal room air: 20 °C, 50% humidity), SteriWhite Air Q with its UVC air disinfection is a great supplement to existing hygiene measures in the hospitality sector, schools or even medical practices. Several disinfection devices could be used depending on the size of the space.

UVC Luftkeimung in Büros und Meetingräumen

UVC disinfection in office spaces and meeting rooms

Following the coronavirus outbreak, hygiene concepts have now become vital in the world of business too. Employee protection is extremely important, now more than ever. By using UV air disinfection technology, SteriWhite Air Q reduces the germ load in the air and inactivates harmful viruses and bacteria in aerosols, allowing you to make your meetings and offices even safer. And thanks to its low operating noise, the UVC air purifier from Hönle won’t disturb your meetings.


More protection for staff and guests in the hospitality industry

UVC air disinfection can be integrated quietly and unobtrusively into your restaurant, café or bar and supports the hygiene measures you have in place without negatively impacting your customers’ experience. SteriWhite Air Q can be installed flexibly and can be used for targeted disinfection in selected rooms; just “plug & play” to effectively support your hygiene concept.

UVC Luftkeimung in Hotel und Gastronomie
UVC Luftkeimung in Wartezimmer und Arztpraxen

UVC air disinfection in medical practices

Make your treatment and waiting rooms simply safer with SteriWhite Air Q from Hönle. UVC air disinfection can help to effectively improve hygiene even in public spaces. SteriWhite Air Q is unobtrusive in its design and quiet in its operation so as not to disrupt your patients. SteriWhite Air Q can even be used in treatment rooms for more targeted disinfection.


Safe learning in schools and teaching facilities

The SteriWhite Air Q disinfection device can be integrated quietly and discretely into classrooms and training areas as a supplement to other hygiene measures, without disrupting teaching activities. With Hönle systems, students can continue learn in a safer, cleaner environment. Generating almost no noise, SteriWhite Air Q won’t distract your students. What’s more, it can also be mounted on wall or ceiling, completely out of reach of children.

UVC Luftkeimung in Schulen, Kindergärten und Bildungseinrichtungen
UVC Luftkeimung in Pflege- und Seniorenheimen

A supplement to hygiene measures in the care sector

Surface disinfection and other measures as part of a holistic hygiene concept are extremely important in the care sector. In care facilities where direct contact is particularly important, UVC air disinfection from Hönle can make many different spaces simply safer without disrupting day-to-day activities, perfect for use as a supplement to existing hygiene measures.


The effectiveness of UVC disinfection against coronaviruses has been proven in the lab (tested in a S3-lab on surfaces). The closed system SteriWhite Air Q purifies, depending on the device version, 115 m³ up to 900 m³ of room air per hour and renders harmful viruses, bacteria and moulds inactive within seconds.

The noise level corresponds to a very quiet room fan at low speed, from a 1 m distance. The noise emission of SteriWhite Air Q115 is less than 39 db(A). SteriWhite Air Q330 & Q600 emit approx. 40 db(A), SteriWhite Air Q900 approx. 47 db(A).

With a service life of 16,000 hours, the built-in UVC lamps are extremely long lasting. A service-display on the housing gives an early warning for the rare lamp exchange. SteriWhite Air Q comes with a sturdy steel housing as Hönle disinfection devices are designed for long-term use.

SteriWhite Air Q is ready to use immediately following delivery. Simply plug in the device and start it with the press of a button. Just plug & play – with a service life of 16,000 hours, SteriWhite Air Q is a trusty companion for air disinfection.
You have decided for a SteriWhite Air Q for wall or ceiling mounting? In this case, SteriWhite Air Q is delivered with mounting, screws and a detailed mounting instruction. The cable (with cold device plug) is 3 m long.
According to your needs, you can mount SteriWhite Air Q to wall or ceiling. The UVC unit will start disinfecting the ambient air as soon as it is connected to a power source.

Which and how many SteriWhite Air Q units you need to disinfect your room air depends on various factors. In our product flyer we have compiled an “Air purification concept” table for you, based on the “COVID-19 Aerosol Transmission Risk Calculator” of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry.
If you need help in selecting a suitable device, we will be happy to assist you personally at any time.

Depending on the power of the disinfection device, UVC air disinfection can reliably inactivate harmful bacteria, viruses in the room air. As SteriWhite Air Q is a closed system, however, only the air is disinfected. To avoid infection, you should still follow the latest hygiene measures.

SteriWhite Air Q and other UVC air disinfection devices by Hönle do not contain any HEPA filters, as their operation mode makes it unnecessary to use any filter system at all: The ambient air is sucked in and passed over two UVC lamps inside the steel housing, where the germs are inactivated. Consequently, there is no need for the regular, costly exchange of filters. Products from the SteriWhite Air series are particularly low maintenance, reliable and silent.


UVC air disinfection should be used to supplement other measures as part of efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19. To avoid infection with SARS-CoV-2, surfaces must still be disinfected and rules relating to social distancing and wearing a face mask covering both the nose and mouth must be followed. Always follow the latest Covid-19 guidelines.


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